Kirk Forest Products

Peter you did an amazing job of selling our entire 21,000 acres of land in the Bridgewater area.

With 175 individual properties in our ownership, where did you find all your contacts?

You are #1. If any potential buyer or seller wants to reference your ability to sell properties, I will give them my highest praise for your ability to sell land, your honesty and dependable follow-up.

Rick Kirk


“It is always an adventure to look at properties with Peter Hebb. Every time we went out I was amazed how well he knows the land, the trees, and how he finds small pathways through the woods. Sometimes he even takes a boat to get to hidden islands.

He knows the forests, the lakes and the shores of Nova Scotia from the inside out, so his clients can rely on him completely and follow him everywhere he goes.

After showing the properties to customers, Peter is as reliable and trustworthy in the process of buying and selling as he is in leading the way through the wild forests. He has great communication skills, he can understand and address his client’s needs and concerns.

European, American and Asian Customers are in good hands buying and selling with Peter. He can understand cultural differences and deals with cultural differences appropriately. He never gets tired in explaining and answering all sorts of questions. Customers can call him any time. He is patient, friendly and kind. It is a joy to look at properties with him and it is a joy to go through the process of buying and selling together with him.

I can recommend Peter wholeheartedly to all of my fellow clients.”

Dr. Silke Eden, MD

“Go ahead and put your trust in this man.He is very hard working having spent a week out of his life , finding us our dream property and helping get the deal done.Peter is a man of his word , were a handshake is king, a rare quality today.We think if you are lucky enough to have Peter’s assistance, count yourself blessed.”

David & Kim Levy

“Peter Hebb is kind and helpful, considerate and competent. He is intuitive and confident and fun to be with while you are looking for a house or land.

He went that extra mile to help me feel at home with my land, completely respecting my vision. Peter is a person with real appreciation for the gem that is Nova Scotia.”

Cathy Jones
This Hour Has 22 Minutes